pranayama yoga barcelonaTogether with the asanas, the most known way of practicing in western countries, we like to offer, at our studio, the beautiful practice of pranayama: working on the energetic level through conscious breathing.

During Thursday class Hatha vinyasa and pranayama with Anna, you will have a little bit pranayama in each practice.

During the level 1 classes with Anna you can learn the introductory techniques of pranayama or basic exercises of conscious breathing, as well as cleansing techniques (kriyas).

During the Night Vinyasa classes we perform calming pranayama exercises, ideal to learn how to relax.

During other open level Hatha Vinyasa classes (which usually focus mainly on the asana practice), we will sporadically implement pranayama exercises.

Morning classes level 2 and Friday’s level 2-3 classes are purposely longer, in order to be able to dedicate some time to both pranayama and meditation. We will practice each month the same pranayamas exercises to be able to know them in depth. We recommend you to practice these exercises daily during the whole month for you to achieve a deeper understanding of these techniques.

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