Training "The art of ajusting Asana: alignment, observation and adjusting"

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In the training “The art of adjusting asana" we deepen the understanding and expression of the asanas in different bodies and work on the ability of adjusting as a way of communicating with the students.

The theoretical part offers an understanding of why, when and how to adjust the students using the touch as a communication tool.We will explore different ways of adjusting, from the most direct, like corrections, to the subtlest and energetic, and the deepest, understanding their possibilities as well as their risks and discussing when it is more appropriate to use one way of adjusting over the other. We will also revise the basic alignment of the postures and we will understand why a student needs one kind of adjustment rather than another one.

There will also be a lot of practice to learn to use the touch as a communication tool as well as to get used to feel, try and explore different adjustments in the main yoga asanas. We will touch different bodies doing the same asana to acknowledge the different effects of the same adjustment in the same asana on different students. We will observe various bodies to understand when, how and where to adjust. We will work on the “non violent communication” in an environment of constructive feedback between the participants. 


-When, why and how to adjust. Different kind of adjustments. Possible risks of adjustments.
-Get to know the posture and its actions and directions.
-Observing the students.
-Find the lines and directions of the adjustments.
-Get to know our hands and touch. Listen to someone through our hands.
-Know, observe and adjust different groups of asanas. 

Dates and Schedule

The modules can be taken independently and in the order you like.

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Module A: Standing, Backbends, core and arm balances.
 8th and 9th October 2016
Module B: Standing, forward bends, hip opener and inversions.
 29th and 30th October 2016.
Module C: Standing, side bends, twists and arm/shoulder.
19th and 20 November 2016.

Weekend schedule includes 14h per weekend and is:
-Saturday from 9am a 2pm (15 min pause) and from 3pm to 5:30pm. 
-Sunday  from 9am to 2pm  (15 min pause) and from 3pm to 5pm. 

Price and booking

Each module is 140€ advanced payment 15 days before. 160€ afterwards.
3 modules together: 380€ advanced payment 15 days before. 400€ afterwards.

This modules are part of our advanced yoga teacher training +300h YA. If you book all the central modules together you can get a great discount.

To book your place fill up our APPLICATION and attach the information about your TTC 200h. We will contact you in max 3 workdays, if you do not receive any mail, please get in contact with us.

Certificate and Requirements

These modules are meant for those who completed a basic 200h Teacher Training Course and for yoga teachers who want to complete their knowledge, get a better understanding of the asanas and feel more confident and at ease giving instructions to their students adjusting with their hands.

You will be issued a certificate  by Yoga & Yoga Bcn. These modules are also part of our advanced teacher training +300h Yoga Alliance course level 2 and acredited towards the Generalitat de Catalunya.


Rocío Ramos Morrison (Expert professor – 500hours registered in Yoga Alliance)

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